März 2023
Das Schmerzhafte Iliosakralgelenk (ISG): Informationen für Patienten

von Prof. Dr. med. Clément Werner

Leiden Sie tagsüber oder nachts an Rückenschmerzen?
Mussten Sie Ihre täglichen Aktivitäten einschränken, weil der Rücken so schmerzt?
Schmerzt der Rücken auch an weniger anstrengenden Tagen?

Lassen Sie sich nicht durch Ihre Rückenschmerzen einschränken. Fügen Sie diesen medizinischen Ratgeber in Ihrem Warenkorb hinzu und lernen Sie, das schmerzhafte Iliosakralgelenk in den Griff zu kriegen.

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Februar 2022
Die ISG-Arthropathie – ein unterdiagnostiziertes Problem

Artikel in Leading Opinions

Die ISG-Arthropathie gehört zu den am häufigsten übersehenen Krankheiten. Daraus resultiert für betroffene Patienten, dass sie von diversen medizinischen Fachrichtungen gesehen werden, ohne dass die Diagnose gestellt wird. Eine Zusammenfassung für medizinisches Fachpersonal

Oktober 2020
Platelet-rich plasma as a potential prophylactic measure against frozen shoulder in an in vivo shoulder contracture model
Oscar Feusi, Agnieszka Karol, Thea Fleischmann, [...], Thorsten Jentzsch

IntroductionFrozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is a common painful and functionally-limiting disease affecting around 2% of the population. So far, therapeutic options are limited and often unsatisfactory. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been used as a treatment option in other orthopedic diseases since it contains growth factors that stimulate t…

September 2020
Diurnal T2-changes of the intervertebral discs of the entire spine and the influence of weightlifting
Thorsten Jentzsch, Nadja A Farshad, Philipp Mächler, [...], Clément M L Werner

The purpose was to study if (1) diurnal changes occur in the entire spine and if (2) intervertebral discs (IVDs) of weightlifters (WL) have decreased baseline T2-values in the morning as well as (3) increased diurnal changes throughout the day. This prospective cohort study investigated healthy volunteers between 2015 and 2017. WL were required to…

September 2020
Are the rib fracture score and different computed tomography measures of obesity predictors for mortality in patients with rib fractures? A retrospective cohort study
Thorsten Jentzsch, Valentin Neuhaus, Burkhardt Seifert, [...], Clément M L Werner

There is missing knowledge about the association of obesity and mortality in patients with rib fractures. Since the global measure of obesity (body mass index [BMI]) is often unknown in trauma patients, it would be convenient to use local computed tomography (CT)-based measures (e.g., umbilical outer abdominal fat) as a surrogate. The…

Dezember 2019
Feasibility of iliosacral screw placement in patients with upper sacral dysplasia
Christoph J. Laux, Lizzy Weigelt, Georg Osterhoff, [...], Clément M L Werner

Exact knowledge of the sacral anatomy is crucial for the percutaneous insertion of iliosacral screws. However, dysplastic anatomical patterns are common. In addition to a preoperative computed tomography (CT) analysis, conventional radiographic measures may help to identify upper sacral dysplasia and to avoid damage to surrounding stru…

Dezember 2019
Implementation of new standard operating procedures for geriatric trauma patients with multiple injuries: a single level I trauma centre study
Lorenz Andreas Peterer, Chris Ossendorf, Kai Oliver Jensen, [...], Kai Sprengel

The demographic changes towards ageing of the populations in developed countries impose a challenge to trauma centres, as geriatric trauma patients require specific diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This study investigated whether the integration of new standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the resuscitation room (ER) has an im…

Juni 2018
Medial Acetabular Wall Breach in Total Hip Arthroplasty – Is Full-Weight Bearing Possible?
Filippo Mandelli, Tiziani S., Schmitt J., [...], Georg Osterhoff

A breach of the medial acetabular wall is a phenomenon seen frequently due to over-reaming during total hip arthroplasty (THA). The consequences of this issue are not fully understood particularly in cementless THA. A retrospective study was performed to answer whether: immediate postoperative full-weight-bearing in the presence of a me…

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